Join the MMPA

Benefits of Membership

The aims of the MMPA are:

  • to act as the professional association of publishers of magazines in Manitoba;
  • to cooperate with other associations and organizations with compatible aims operating in other regions or at the national level;
  • to represent the interests of its membership, and by extension the interests of their writers/artists, suppliers and readers, at all levels of government and to public and private institutions;
  • to publicize and promote the views of the membership on matters of public interest in the publishing industry;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information among its members;
  • to undertake and coordinate such projects as will further the Association’s objectives;
  • to promote the highest professional and editorial standards in the periodical publishing industry;
  • to further professional training for its members; and
  • to promote Manitoba magazines in the province and throughout Canada.

The MMPA is constantly developing resources for magazines publishing professionals.

What can we do for you?

  • Professional development sessions on a wide variety of topics
  • Arrange an annual conference for learning and meeting
  • Arrange an annual Award of Excellence event, the Maggies
  • The chance to meet other industry professionals
  • Strengthen the magazine industry in Manitoba
  • Be a voice for trade concerns

Spread industry news, views and new technology information

What did we miss? Let us know what YOU think Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association could be doing and we’ll get on it.

You can join the MMPA for as little as $95.00 a year.

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